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Samhain: The Celtic New Year.

For your research and enjoyment, we've culled together some Samhain Rituals. Now please note, all Pagans/Wiccans celebrate this holiday a little differently, so don't take these as truth, in regards to we here at the Abode. That little tidbit is our personal secret; but if you'd like an example of what others do in honor of the day, then look no further. :) These are all off-site links. Please consider returning to our little abode, when you are finished reading. :) Enjoy.

Ritual formats:
Samhain Ritual
by Raven Silverwing

Samhain Notes
by Janet and Stewart Farrar

Samhain: A Feast For the Dead
A particularly interesting ritual, this one.

Feast of Wisdom and Age
Now this is more like it! by Rowan Fairgrove You'll find her list of articles, rituals and poetry by clicking the link "Rowan's Useful Links" on the above page.

More to come...