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Samhain: The Celtic New Year.

Herein we've gathered together for your reading pleasure, some articles explaning the Celtic celebration of Samhain. These are all off-site links. Please consider returning to our little abode, when you are finished reading. :) Enjoy.

An article by Mara Freeman

Irish Fire Festivals: Samhain
An article by Kym ní Dhoireann

Celtic: Samhain 'Pagan NewYear'
Article at The Pagan's Path

Samhain Lore
an article by Ian Corrigan
At ADF Neopagan Druidism site

at Ireland's OWN Myths & Magic

Samhain: the Eve of All Hallow
by Suzanne Barrett

New! Festivals Part 2 - Samhain v.2.0 by Iain Mac an tSaoir

Clannada na Gadelica - Gaelic Traditionalist Resource Site

More to come...