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December 6, 2005, morning.

Mood: hurt

Listening to: Out of Exile, Audioslave

Day 6.

Yeah. I'm hurt. I accidentally slammed my shoulder into the bookcase, last night, on my way out of the house, and ooh, does it hurt! I'll live. Especially since this is proabably the only typing I'll be doing today. It does feel a little better than it did last night, thankfully.

Thanksgiving has come and gone; it was a bit of a disappointment; with l'il bro still ill (but recovering slowly, with the help of his doctors) hubby and I had to improvise. This meant dinner with Grandma, and our friend. All went well, until hubby told grandma she was to have a third guest for dinner. Then she freaked out and tore up the house looking for a tablecloth; naturally, she wasn't even sure which one she was looking for, and blammed a certain someone for stealing it. Which of course, hadn't happened.

Top that off with the fact that her toilet screwed up yet again, and hubby came home frustrated; I nearly tossed dinner in the trash. But since it was done we forged ahead, between trying in vain to find her "toilet snake" (she probably sold it in a freakin' yard sale) and me having to go get our guests while hubby stayed behind to try to fix the toilet, and all this throwing off my planned schedule of finishing off dinner at the last possible moment before we all sat down to the table. It was nigh close to 7:00PM by the time we ate. :p

But all in all, it worked out; the food was good, the conversation was good. Grandma had really calmed down by then... always a good thing.

Anyway. On other fronts, I've been hard at work on several things. Some are nearly there; others are far from set. For instance, original plans for the site have been scrapped. Instead, we'll be trying something altogether different. *laughs* Let's see how that goes. As Ruby says, in Cold Mountain, "I have a vision in my mind of how [it] ought to be." We'll just see if my vision lives up to reality. If it ends up offending anyone, I'm almost positive it might.... thhbbppt. Too bad. ;) Faithful friends say it won't; we'll see.

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