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Mundane--I mean--Monday, again. Back to work

October 17, 2005, afternoon.

Mood: Busy

Listening to: Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin

Day 4.

Had a good weekend, I guess.. Grandma was a bit lethargic Sunday, but we got out Saturday and that was good. I hit the Thrift store again, but the book I'd seen the other day that I'd wanted, was no longer there. That's what I get for waiting. :(

Hubby picked up an AC/DC video.... it remains to be seen if the new toy will break my three (or is it four) week Led Zeppelin binge. ;))

Missed Charmed, last night. Can't seem to remember it's on at 8PM and not 9PM. Don't know where I got that from. Anyway, I've already missed half the season. What's the other half? Meh. There's always next summer's rerun season.

Managed to get some updates done on both my sites, this weekend (new book review on RQD! *hinthint*); I even fiddled around with a few more tutorials, so you may start seeing some new goodies, on my sites (torn about what to do with that, actually); and I seemed to have enough energy left to read a bit more, and even get 700 words done in the writing project. Shew! Today, I'm doing the same. Like I said, busy. :) Off to catch up on email, and lunch.

Email. Gads. That's a whole 'nother subject in and of itself. I may be closing one of my accounts, due to a massive inundation of spam, but Yahoo hates me, and I'm not sure my other account can take all my lists at once. And besides, it has no sig support. We know how much I love my siggies. So I'm torn as to whether I should just keep tossing out the spam, or change that out or what. Anyway, that's my rant of the day.

Have a good day.


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