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Gilmore Girls Day!
October 11, 2005, afternoon.

Mood: Busy

Listening to: No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Unledded, 1994

Day 3.

Taking it easy, today. I spent yesterday with grandma, took her out, hit the thrift store as she was too antsy for anything else. Picked up (for me) a few books for the ole TBR--for $.25 each, what bookworm can resist a few more? Managed to somehow annoy the hell out of my hands--damned carpal tunnel! So for today, I'm taking it easy... :) See how well I'm doing, at that? *giggle* So this should be the last thing I add, for the day. Will it? That's the question. I may put up a false entry on that there main page. Just so it goes to something. ;)

Words for yesterday? Somehow I managed roughly 170, today? 300 give or take a few. All handwritten. For some reason, my hands do better, that way... but that way doesn't get anything official done. I've got to get it typed out, if I'm to do anything real with it. (note: Real=Send it out to publishers who have very specific guidelines. Handwritten work doesn't cut it.)


Such are the trials of the modern writer... ;p among--gods know--some many others!

How do you like the new design and set? :) Ok, I despise yellow, but this is ok, for the moment. I might change it. Who knows. And no, I am no fan of Dante Alighieri. :p (are you shocked? I can't stand Dante.)

But this painting is... serene... which I am trying to become.

A word about the title of this journal? It's a play on the title of an hillarious 15th century play: Orlando Furioso. by (*gasp* I know) Machiavelli.

Roughly translated, the breakdown of the site name is thus:

Keltoi, according to P.B. Ellis, is the ... Greek (I think) name for the Celts (if you know my other site, you see the pattern) and Furiosa is a play on the word Furioso, Italian, def. Mad, Insane. (Furiosa because... well, hello? Old woman here. *laughs* Some would say old... at any rate. ;))

So the rough translation is the Mad Celtic Woman. ;) Am I Celtic--well my people are from a little south of them, but... we're close to the home of the Po River Valley Celts, so... OK, OK, so we're Romans (*hiss* I know. ;)) it still counts doesn't it? I'm half-Gaul French. Does that count? Good. :)

Now you want to know.... Am I mad? hehe. Some would say...


Sets designed by Hazel Raven Divine Creations, exclusively for Keltoi Furiosa. Sets 2005 and ever after to Hazel Raven Divine Creations; Not for snagging.
Art above, Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1864

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