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Sunday down.

October 9, 2005, evening.
(too late)

Mood: Tired

Listening to: At the moment, "White Summer" live, from Led Zeppelin Remastered.

Day 2.

Spent the day out... trying to figure out why the car won't run right. Put in some fuel cleaner, now driving all over town, just to get it through the car. Hopefully soon it will clear up. :p It's lovely to think we might have to get the %^$#@ thing fixed soon.

Read a little of the new Led Zeppelin Bio book I picked up, over the weekend (Led Zeppelin: A Celebration by David Lewis)... Wrote... 500-ish words. Hands hurt a bit... This is me, not typing any more tonight. *sits on hands*

Bought Timeline... I loved it. Hubby finished the book a week or so ago; I might put it on the ole TBR pile, myself. He was a little less enthusiastic about the movie than me; probably because he's read it and I haven't. ;)

Vote pages updated. All I've had time for.

Good night, folks.


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