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Welcome to our little site in homage to free thinking people everywhere. We've recently been taking a closer look into American History and in that endeavor have run across some very interesting things, things that put to question everything we thought we knew about our Founding Fathers--and everything most people in the general public think they know. This site may be considered by some blasphemous, or Atheistic, or downright bs, but that view was not in our thoughts when we started packratting these things away. :)

We here offer a little journal of our favorite quotes and readings--just a collection of bits and pieces we wanted to keep somewhere for ourselves. As readers, writers, we know that one can never tell where the odd quote or paragraph might lead. ;) Or maybe we just like to raise a few eyebrows now and again, and by god, we want to make people think. So to you, the curious, to the educated, to the student, and to seekers everywhere, we offer this collection of things to think about.

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American History and the founding Mothers
Women's Suffrage 1776-1920

American History and the Founding Fathers
Thomas Jefferson
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Thomas Jefferson
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Thomas Paine
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American History Quiz
Try this out, and see how you do.
:) T'ain't easy, I can tell you that.

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