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Roman Gods

Now, this is by no means a full list of the gods... yet, and truly many of those listed here are more correctly referred to as Italian or Etruscan gods than strictly Roman, but this will give you a good selection of the many and various gods revered by the ancient Italians.

Native Italian or Etruscan:
Anna Perenna: (Italian: goddess of the moon, rejuvenation, and longevity)
Bona Dea: (Italian: goddess of fruitfulness, bounty, chastity(?))
Cardea (Italian: goddess of hinges)
Februus (Etruscan: Underworld god; February is his sacred month)
Janus (Ianus) (Roman: god of pathways, so to speak)
Lalal (Etruscan Moon Goddess?)
Ops (Italian: earth mother. Later associated with Rhea)
Saturn (Italian; god of agriculture; later assimilated into Chronus, though his original italian form wasn't so reviled by the gods, and was not remained a god in or of Italy)
Tinia (Etruscan: sky god. Similar to Jupiter)
Tellus Mater (early Italian; supreme Earth Mother. Worshipped in conjunction with Ceres?)

Borrowed gods
From the Greeks:
Jupiter (Iupiter)
Juno (Iuno)
Apollo (Sun god, god of healing, god of the arts and poetry)
Asclepius (god of healing)
Bacchus (god of wine, spirits, abandon)
Ceres (goddess of crops, of vegetation, of Spring)
Cupid (god of love)
Diana (goddess of the moon, the hunt, animals, children)
Flora (goddess of flowers and growing things)
Mars (god of war, but also of spring)
Mercury (god of commerce and communication)
Minerva (goddess of arts and crafts, goddess of war)
Neptune (god of the sea)
Pax (goddess of Peace)
Proserpine (goddess of the underworld, and spring; daughter of Ceres)
Pluto (god of the underworld)
Venus (goddess of love, Springtime, war)
Vesta (goddess of the home and hearth)
Vulcan (god of the forge, creativity, fire; could be original Italian; I am unclear on his origins)
Borrowed from the Celts:
Epona (goddess of horses)

Other divine spirits:
Lares: spirits and deities concerned with the welfare of place, say, a city (like Pompeii or Rome); also spirits or deities concerned with the welfare of a family.

Penates: spirits or deities of the familial storeroom.
Roma: The spirit and protectress of Rome.

Still others:
Charon: (?) Boatman who ferries the dead across Styx. Greek; has a part in the Aeneid
Sybil: (?) Prophetesses; mentioned specifically in the Aeneid.

Roman Religious observances and views

More to come

Several websites. Among them: Nova Roma
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The Aeneid by Virgil.
The Book of Goddesses and Heroines by Patricia Monghan


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