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The Disclaimers part one:
As a webtver, it's very hard to make our own graphics. After four years of study, we finally stumbled upon a way to accomplish, on our own, the look we wanted for our sites. If we could do it, we're sure any webtver could. Give it a shot, rather than snagging ours--which can't be all that good, considering it is our first successful attempt. :) If you snag, please link to But again, these are not linkware, freeware, or anything of the kind (yet). We do not run a graphics site (yet); the sets we have made are for our own use (at the moment :)), picked from what we consider the best art, and suited to the flavor of our sites.

The Work
How did we do it, you ask? Well, with lots of trial and error, frustration and bloody fingers! hehe. Just kidding about the bloody fingers. The links below represent the tutorials we refered to in building the sets you see throughout our home. Try them out, if you like, and enjoy... and big thanks to the people who created these tuts; we could not have done it without you! Nor could we have succeeded without the suggestions and well-trained eyes of some very good friends of ours: Crazed Fanboy, Moon Mage, Ivory Moon, darlings, this is all your doing! ;)

The Disclaimers part two
& the Art
The art used herein is surely not under copyright, as you will find most of our choices come from artists of the 10th-late 17th century, and on ocassion, perhaps the odd 19th century Pre-Raphaelite or Impressionist artist is featured. If we are wrong, about this, we humbly apologze. The images herein came from several gif and jpeg sites, and from such fine online galleries as Web Gallery of Art and CGFA, among many, many others. Big thanks to them for providing the web with some of the best art in the world. :)

The Tutorials:
(in other words, how we accomplished all this :))
Ms. Lee's Bar Tutorial for Webtv

Blend the edges of your image

ImageMagick F/X TINT Using Percentages

Creating BGs at I.M.

How to Make Glass Backs

Storm's Swirled Background Tutorial

Many of the sites listed here:

And the tools:
ImageMagick Studio

da tools

Draac's Image Map maker

Please do not ask us to assemble a set for you; we don't have time. Rather, if you're inclined, fiddle around with your own favorite images at the above tools and using the above tutorials. Have fun, enjoy. We do hope you've enjoyed your visit to our little castle.

The staff of Hazel Raven Designs

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With art by Dosso Dossi, (Italian, 1479-1542); piece entitled Witchcraft, 1535-40

made exclusively for Haunted Priestess' Castle and her partner sites. Please do not snag.

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