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As stated earlier, it's taken us a long time to figure out how to go about making sets and other such graphics. We're kinda proud of our work though, so we're tentatively sending it out there to see how it does. If you like any of our sets, you may use only the ones not marked "for the exclusive use of Raven Queen's Domain/The Otherworld Hostel/Lady Collbran/Haunted Priestess/Hazel Raven Designs. Those are these are not linkware, freeware, or anything of the kind (yet). We have made those for our own use, picked from what we consider the best art, and suited to the flavor of our sites. All others are linkware, meaning you are free to borrow them *if* you link to Hazel Raven Designs. Each set usually comes equipped with a link, the adoptions will have a banner; link any you'd like to use to the following:

2. For the Adoptions, please use the little banners with each adoption to link to the above address.

3. Please upload your selections to your own server. Please do not link. Tripod does not allow remote linking. Webtver's can use or any other similar transloader, for their transloading needs.

4. Please do not ask us to assemble a set for you; we don't have time. Rather, if you're inclined, fiddle around with your own favorite images at the above tools and using the above tutorials.

3. Have fun, enjoy. We do hope you've enjoyed your visit to our little castle.

The staff of Hazel Raven Designs

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With art by Dosso Dossi, (Italian, 1479-1542); piece entitled Witchcraft, 1535-40

made exclusively for The Otherworld Hostel and her partner sites. Please do not snag.

2005 & ever after Hazel Raven Designs and our scribe Lady Laure Collbran