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Some Thoughts on "Saint" Patrick

So you think you know the truth about the "illustrious Saint" Patrick, do you? He liberated Ireland of snakes and brought Catholicism to the Island, in the only peaceful conversion in Christian history, yes?

That's what his adherents want you to believe. The truth is, that is a revision of history; an out and out falsehood; a product of Patrick's spin doctors. Instead, his conversion of the island was colored completely by his own agenda. You see, as a child, Patrick had been kidnapped by (what he called) Druids and made a slave by them. In truth, it was probably some Celtic tribal chieftain that laid claim to his childhood, but that's neither here nor there. It was, however, enough to breed a deadly hatred within Patrick, enough that, when he escaped at the age of sixteen and found refuge in the Catholic Church, when he was ordained as their priest, their cardinal, their bishop, he immediately turned his mind back to the--in his mind--heathen island, and he returned there, in typical fashion, destroying and/or desecrating the sacred icons and locations, preaching the trademark hellfire and damnation to all who followed the learned Druidic arts, and finally, threatening execution upon any who did not accept his "peaceful offer" of conversion to the church. The records are silent on how many actually laid down their lives for their beliefs, but we know from history the end of this tale: "Saint" Patrick did indeed execute--or order to be executed--all who refused to convert to his "peaceful" religion. He even told his followers, that they'd better treat him nicely, as he (Patrick) would be the one to judge them on Judgement Day... What a nice thought...

Did he drive the snakes out of Ireland? Modern scientific evidence will show the lie to that: the climate of Ireland has ever been too cold for the survival of snakes, reptiles who thrive more readily in the warmer climes of our world. So I ask you, what snakes do you think he removed? Not true snakes in the biological sense of the word, but the metaphorical snakes of his world: The Druids and their followers, those who, very much-so, allowed the Christian God to co-exist with their own gods, a thing totally unacceptable to the peaceable, God-fearing Righteous Saint Patrick.

In honor of this "Saint" Patrick's day, we offer you this truth to meditate on. Do you really, still think "Saint" Patrick deserves the honor given him?

So, my dear readers, while you're out raising your glass of green beer, this year, why not, instead, raise it in honor of those who lost their lives, so long ago, to this "peaceable conversion"?

in honor of the day of the Celtic Gods

By Lugh, Brighid, The Dagda, Diancecht, Danu, Bran Mac Feobal, Cerridwen, Arianrhod, and more; by the three Celtic Worlds: Land, Sea, and Sky, peace be with you all. So mote it be!


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