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I have, as you know, been thinking about this subject a lot, lately. The most recent seems to revolve around the subject of dance. Don't ask me why; I am not a dancer, after all, far from it. But there it is. The idea of all kinds of dance keeps coming into my head, in relation to Bran, from Middle Eastern and Greek dance, to Native American, and other pagan ritual, to the children's game of Ring-Around-The-Rosy.

The only thing I can equate this with, is the idea of the dance of life. The dance we go through every day, in life, whether it be with things we consider pleasant and noteworthy, or frustrating and aggravating.

But what does it mean? Cycles? Pleasure? Aggravation? being stuck in a rut? same-old, same-old? I can't decide, but it's a thought; and there, smiling over it all, is Bran, in a way saying, "Yes, believe it or not, I am Shiva as well." (Very Joseph Campbell, there, don't you think?) I think the idea that Bran Mac Feobal was an explorer, and dance being an important art form in many cultures might have something to do with it, as well.

I think the idea, then, is to welcome knowledge, or rather, curiosity and take enjoyment where you can find it, or maybe, rather, not to be so overwhelmed/aggravated by life's little twists and turns? Hm... not sure. It was just another little thought I had....

Circa July 24, 2003.

Thanks, Shaz, for this lovely set!