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Art and other knickknacks


Well, art of Him is a bit hard to come by. I'm looking but not finding much. I have, however, been lucky now and again. Below, how others see Bran the Blessed.

I've also now added a few more things that feel very Bran-like, to me, yet still lean to the artistic. Within this (these?) pages, then, will be a plethora of art and other fun stuff, too. Enjoy!

I wish I knew the artist's name, but alas, I have no information on him or her. This piece was found at Aes SĂ­dhe Sidh and thanks to them for finding it.

You are a Druid!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

Yes! hehe. I've earned my stripes. :)

You're Odin! The Allfather, the wise. You gave up
your eye in the pursuit of wisdom and hung for
days from the world tree to attain even more.
You feel that if you can just gain all the
wisdom in the world you will be able to prevent
Which Norse God are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

OK, so it's not *exactly* art and it's not *exactly* Bran (or is it?) but I had to put this somewhere; it was too cool to keep!

And, yes, it has decided to branch to adoptions, as well.

Some say the Welsh Bran the Blessed was on close terms with Ravens, so, a raven.

And the following are just a few more lovelies we've adopted.

Adopted from Chell's Roost
Thank you, Chell, dear!



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