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Joseph Campbell, Masks of God: Occidental Myths

DJ Conway, Celtic Magick

DJ Conway, Ancient and Shining Ones

Peter Berresford Ellis, The Celtic Empire

Jeffrey Gantz, translator, The Mabinogion

Jeffrey Gantz, translator, Early Irish Myths and Sagas

Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick, A History of Pagan Europe

Thomas Kinsella, The Tain

Charles Squire, Celtic Mythology

Maire Brennan The Voyage of Bran (celtic music cd)

Lady Charlotte Guest, The Mabinogion
See, the Second Branch: Branwen Daughter of Llyr

Alfredd Nutt, The Voyage of Bran at Celtic Heart.
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Immram Bran -- The Voyage of Bran at

Encyclopedia of the Celts : Broceliande - Bwlch Y Saethu
There are two (very nice) explanations of Bran Mac Feobal (the Voyage of Bran) here. Scroll down to find them. Many other Bran's are mentioned too, from Bran the Blessed to Fin Mac Cool's dog Bran. Enjoy.

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